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2019 TLOMA Associate and Business Services Surveys

Over the last 30 years, our surveys have been established as the primary source of compensation bench-marking information for the Canadian legal community.  With over 60 organizations participating; representing all firm sizes and practice specializations, the reports help users make good strategic business decisions while attracting and retaining top talent.

One of the many advantages of being a member of TLOMA is the ability to participate in the annual Business Services and Associate Compensation Surveys. 

TLOMA Business Services Survey
This survey captures positions in law firms such as Support levels (Legal and Administrative Assistants, Records Management, Facilities roles, etc.), and Management and Law Clerk positions.

TLOMA Associate Compensation Survey
This survey provides information on Associate salary and bonus data based on Year of Call as well as compensation data at the junior, intermediate and senior levels. The information is also available by practice areas such as Litigation and Corporate.

Highlight of the Survey Features

All of the TLOMA Compensation Surveys are specific to law firms and have been developed to provide answers to our membership’s compensation questions. The surveys use a Job Family and Career Level methodology, and provide the ability to:

  • Benchmark the compensation of your business services, associate and student positions with other firms of similar size;
  • Assist in managing internal pay equity for those firms that do not have a formal job evaluation/grading system;
  • Provide a geographic break out of data for provinces across Canada; and
  • All surveys are easily completed in a user friendly format and can be purchased for a rate much less than industry standard.Moreover, the cost of the surveys, to you, is based on the size of your law firm.

Want to prepare to purchase your 2019 surveys?  Check out the 2019 TLOMA Compensation Surveys Pricing Structure.

 If you have any questions, please contact Liz Barrington at 416-410-1979 x 1 or


TLOMA’s Compensation Provider - Normandin Beaudry

Please provide your feedback as it relates to our surveys that is important to you by email to or call a member of NB’s project team (see below) by January 10th, 2020.

Benoit Lamarche, M.Sc., CHRP
Principal, Compensation
P. 416-285-0251, ext. 306

Sabeena Pararajasingam, CHRP
Analyst, Compensation
P. 416-285-0251, ext. 645
Manny Campione, CHRP, CHRL
Market Leader and Principal, Compensation
P. 416-285-0251, ext. 317 

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