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2023 TLOMA Total Rewards, Associate and Business Services Surveys

For over 30 years, our compensation surveys have been established as the primary source of compensation benchmarking information for the Canadian legal community, with 50 firms participating annually: representing firms of all sizes and areas of practice specializations.

The ability to participate in our annual compensation surveys is just one of the many advantages of being a TLOMA member.

Benefits of survey participation

  • Preferential pricing structure offered to participating firms
  • Ensure competitive pay levels to attract, retain and motivate your workforce
  • Understand the market range of compensation for similar skills and roles
  • Track how annual compensation levels are evolving in a fast-paced market
  • Align your firm’s compensation cost structure to market
  • Support decisions about “how much” and “how to” pay

For the 2023 compensation cycle, we will be conducting the following survey modules:

TLOMA Business Services Compensation Survey (TBS)

This survey module collects competitive market data for management and support-level positions. The survey includes over 600 benchmark jobs, spanning 14 job families, including:

- Administration

- Marketing

- Business Development

- Patent Agents

- Facilities & Boardroom Services

- Professional Development

- Finance

- Project Management

- Human Resources

- Purchasing

- IT Services

- Records Management

- Law Clerks / Paralegals

- Specialized Administrative Clerks

- Legal Support


TLOMA Associate Compensation Survey (TAC)

This survey provides competitive market data on associates’ salaries and variable compensation, data based on Year of Call, as well as data for summer students and articling students. Market data are available on a total sample basis and summarized by key scoping criteria, including:

- Firm Size

- Area of Sub-Specialization (Family, M&A, Tax, etc.)

- Region

- Year of Call

- Area of Specialization (Corporate, Litigation)



A Quick and Simple Experience

TLOMA Compensation Surveys are customized for law firms and have been developed to provide vital market intelligence to our membership’s compensation questions.

We aim to provide a seamless experience for participating members and continually update the surveys based on current market trends and feedback received from participants. For 2023, participants can expect: 

  • An updated questionnaire, including simplified participation instructions
  • Detailed job-level descriptions to simplify the job matching process.
  • Standardized report layouts.
  • A secure online platform, allowing you to retrieve all the necessary documents to complete the surveys and download the results. 
  • Individual support from our survey partner Normandin Beaudry, to address your questions and collect your feedback
  • Survey materials with your prior job matching, saving significant time and effort during the job matching and leveling process. Available for participants of the last edition only.

A special offer for TLOMA members

Want access to a broader database? Our survey provider has you covered with their general industry survey, remun.

By participating in the TBS survey and in exchange for your data, Normandin Beaudry is offering a special discount to their proprietary compensation survey database called remun. To benefit from this special discount, please contact Normandin Beaudry at  and a representative will be pleased to provide additional details and support.

remun is the most comprehensive general industry survey containing useful and relevant data for over 400 organizations representing all sizes and industries. This tool, in combination with our customized TLOMA compensation survey, would provide you the total compensation overview you need. All survey results will be available in September.

The 2023 surveys launch session webinar will be held on April 4, 2023, from noon to 1p.m.

Register here.

Want to participate? Contact Normandin Beaudry or call a member of the project team (see contact information).

Want to prepare to purchase your 2023 surveys? Check out the 2023 TLOMA Compensation Surveys Pricing Structure.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing the survey(s), please contact Karen Gerhardt.

TLOMA’s Compensation Provider: Normandin Beaudry

For more information on our surveys please contact Normandin Beaudry by email to or call a member of NB’s project team (see below).

Darcy Clark
Senior Principal, Compensation
P. 416-285-0251, ext. 449

Sabeena Pararajasingam, CHRP
Associate Consultant, Compensation
P. 416-285-0251, ext. 645

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