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To submit a job posting please fill out the following form and click SUBMIT at the end of the page. You will then be sent to the payment page and have an option to pay via PayPal or Credit Card.  Once payment has been received, confirmation that your posting has been released will be sent to you via email.

Should you have any questions or encounter difficulty, please contact TLOMA.  Your posting will remain on the Career Opportunities page for three weeks.  If you wish the job posting to be deleted prior to the expiry, please send an email to TLOMA with the link provided at the time of posting.  If you wish the job posting extended beyond the three weeks, please send your request to TLOMA.

TLOMA MEMBERS:  The cost to post a job for a member firm is $150 plus HST.  There is no additional charge for a repost request.

AGENCIES:  Agencies may post positions within the legal market. The cost for an Agency to post a position is $350 plus HST.

NON-MEMBER LAW FIRMS:  If you are a law firm, without a TLOMA member, you may post a position on our Career page for $350.00 plus taxes. 

Disclaimer:  TLOMA does not screen, verify or endorse the applicant’s suitability, skills, education or past employment.  TLOMA takes no responsibility for the information contained in the applicant’s application materials and does not warrant the legitimacy of any of the information provided by the applicant.  It is the responsibility of the potential employer to interview and research each applicant prior to hiring.

Tips for Submitting a Job Posting:  CLICK HERE

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