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Current Membership Benefits

A TLOMA membership is an incredibly valuable resource to a legal management professional from any size firm or a lawyer who has the responsibility of managing their law office without the benefit of a management person or team. TLOMA provides access to a community, facilitating information sharing and networking opportunities. TLOMA’s continuing education seminars and conference provide opportunities for members to share information and stay current on the latest rules, regulations, policies and technologies.  As part of your TLOMA membership fees you can attend approximately 20 Special Interest Group events each year free of charge.

Small firm

  • A TLOMA membership is especially valuable to members of small firms who do not have the internal resources and support at their finger tips.
  • TLOMA gives these individuals access to information they otherwise would not have, through other members, surveys (such as the compensation survey) and forums.
  • TLOMA now also offers membership to lawyers who have the responsibility of managing their law office without the benefit of a management person or team.

Small to Mid-Size firm

  • Members of small-to-mid-sized firms are provided with access to resources that allow them to successfully “Think Big” in a smaller environment.

Mid-Sized to Large firm

  • A TLOMA membership is especially valuable to members of mid-to-large firms who can connect with other members of the same size and share relevant information.

Large firm

  • Experience and knowledge base of other large size firms where members are specialists in their roles.
  • Access to a network of expertise, composed of association members, business partners and educators who willingly share their knowledge and wisdom with others.


The association has formed five different Special Interest Groups to allow for more in depth coverage of key areas in law firm administration. The Special Interest Groups each have three to four meetings throughout the year.

Facilities Professionals

This SIG focuses on the physical premises of a law office. It explores topics such as space planning, furnishings, ergonomics, records management, barrier-free designs, business continuity, disaster recovery and WSIB Certification Training. Past topics have included Records and Information Management Best Practices, AODA, Ergonomics 101 etc.

Finance Professionals

This SIG focuses on the financial aspects of running a law firm. Past topics have included Money Laundering, HST, Financial Benchmarking and KPI's in Ontario.

Human Resources Professionals

This SIG focuses on the human dynamics of a law firm practice. From secretarial sharing to dealing with conflict, from benefits and compensation policies to flexible work arrangements, this SIG covers it all. Past topics have included Bill 168, Personality Dimensions; Top Ten Mistakes Employers make Investigating Internal Harassment Complaints, Conflict Resolution, etc.

Marketing Professionals

This SIG focuses on the challenges of Marketing and Business Development in law firms. Past topics have included Differentiating Your Web Site for Competitive Advantage, Staffing the Marketing Department; How to effectively respond to Requests for Proposals, Marketing 101 - Marketing for the non-Marketing professional, What you need to know about Client Relationship Management (CRM), Social Media, Managing the Generations at Work, etc.

Technology Professionals

This SIG focuses on the technology used in today's law firms. Technology is a key business enabler which crosses all boundaries and practice areas. This SIG helps explain the impact that new and existing technologies have on law firms. Past topics have included Green Computing, Security Trends & Threats, Computer Forensics & Digital Discovery, Microsoft Productivity Solutions, Windows 7 and Office 2010, Hosted Virtual Desktops, Video Conferencing, Document Management, etc.


TLOMA now offers membership to lawyers who have the responsibility of managing their law office without the benefit of a management person or team. As a member, lawyers will be able to participate in Special Interest Groups, attend continuing education seminars and the annual conference, access the members’ directory and forum, as well as find relevant and timely surveys, articles, presentations and webinars in the members’ only database of legal resources.

Become a Member

If you would like to become a member of TLOMA, we invite you to review the  Requirements for Membership.

If you have any questions regarding the membership process, please contact,


The cost of annual membership for 2024 is $435.00 plus HST ($491.55).



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