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NOTE:  In the wake of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, TLOMA business will be as usual. 
That said, all upcoming events in April and May will be held via Webinar.  Continue to check
back for further updates, as they become available.

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TLOMA is the Legal Management Association in Canada

Founded in September 1968, The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) is a not-for-profit organization for law firm managers and administrators with members from over 225 law firms throughout Ontario. TLOMA provides significant support to its members - all focusing on education and professional development with association meetings and an opportunity to network with other legal management professionals.

After reading about the many benefits that TLOMA offers, you will want to apply for membership! 

Why is TLOMA right for you and your firm?

TLOMA Benefits

  • Find a mentor. Gain access to a seasoned TLOMA member who will not only be your guide to networking and educational sessions, but will also answer your pressing questions and point you in the direction of valuable tools, resources and partners.
  • Stay competitive. Through the comprehensive compensation and benefits survey you will not only gain valuable insights into salaries but also what roles firms are hiring for and how to attract the best talent.
  • Keep current. TLOMA Today, our monthly newsletter, provides timely, targeted and valuable articles and insights key to the legal management field.
  • Be an expert. Share what you know and learn what you don’t through TLOMA’s knowledge exchange. Be the “go-to” person at the firm and have the answers with the assistance of TLOMA’s white papers, tools, informative events and through the support of over 420 members.
  • Find the help you need. Through TLOMA’s Business Partner Directory and the recommendations of your peers on Listserve, find the best service providers, from legal staffing and document management to technology solutions and printing, to address your firm’s needs.
  • Hire the best. Through TLOMA’s Career board find highly qualified candidates that already understand the legal environment as well as keep apprised of opportunities to advance your career.
  • Become part of the legal community. Join today.

Small Firm (less than 20 lawyers)

With a limited number of internal resources, small firms gain a network of resources and individuals to assist and mentor them with policy development and implementation, as well as with advancing their day to day operations.

TLOMA now offers membership to lawyers who have the responsibility of managing their law office without the benefit of a management person or team. As a member, lawyers will be able to participate in Special Interest Groups, attend continuing education seminars and the annual conference, access the members’ directory and forum, as well as find relevant and timely surveys, articles, presentations and webinars in the members’ only database of legal resources.

Small to Mid-Size Firm (21-49 lawyers)

Members of mid-sized firms are provided with access to resources that allow them to successfully “Think Big” in a smaller environment. These resources help with firm expansion and transition.

Mid-Size to Large Firm (50-99 lawyers)

TLOMA offers members from mid-size to large firms access to educational opportunities and insight into industry trends and analysis of emerging management techniques.

Large Firm (100 + lawyers)

Seen as mentors in the legal industry, large firms continue to benefit from the networking and professional development opportunities offered by TLOMA. TLOMA provides a venue for their experienced members to take on mentorship roles and their junior members to become actively involved and obtain resources for advancement.


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