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TLOMA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer members a unique opportunity to gain knowledge. Join us and connect with other people in your industry where you can exchange ideas and solutions!



Belinda Fallavollita - TLOMA 2024 Technology SIG Leader

T: 416-748-4167
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Technology evolves rapidly. At one time, being an expert meant immersing yourself deeply in the specifics of a particular niche but that no longer holds true today. Now it’s less about knowing how everything works and more about knowing how to make everything work for you and your firm. To be an expert today, you need to stay current on the latest industry trends, know how to source technical solutions that can help your firm realize its goals and be able to communicate your vision. You’re responsible for creating and executing a strategy, disseminating information and the implementation of plans.  And on those occasions when things don’t go exactly according to plan, you’re the one people look to when they need help troubleshooting the problem.

It’s a tall order and one that calls for a well-connected individual, someone who knows where to go for answers and who to call when they need up-to-date information on the latest technologies affecting both their industry and the broader business world.

Through seminars hosted by the Technology SIG, TLOMA helps members stay current on cutting-edge technologies and technological developments as they relate to both the legal industry and the corporate world.

This section is a great starting point for TLOMA members who work in the technology field or for those who are just interested in technology generally. In addition to providing members with direct contact to our Technology SIG leader, TLOMA maintains up-to-date links to the latest on technological advancements in our industry. The scope of technology is vast and the pace of change rapid. TLOMA aims to provide members with as much information as possible to keep them from being overwhelmed and keep this critical component of the legal industry manageable.

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Megan Quinlan - TLOMA 2024 Marketing SIG Leader

T: (416) 867-3076
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One of the principal goals of TLOMA's Marketing SIG is to keep members up to date with current trends, provide them with a general understanding of concepts and allow for a forum for people to share and exchange ideas with each others. This area of the legal management continues to grow and evolve; lawyers are asking better questions of the marketing department who are asked to stay up on current trends.

Today's legal marketer needs to know about media relations, client development, strategic planning, the web and social media, along with traditional promotional concepts of event management, legal directories and advertising. Each year the Marketing SIG leader plans 3-4 educational seminars along with aiding in the Marketing program for the annual conference.

Topics covered include:

  • A Brand is Not a Logo
  • Implementing a Social Media Strategy
  • Leading Change in your Law Firm
  • Making Sense of Law Firm Marketing
  • Staffing the Marketing Department
  • What you need to know about Client Relationships Management (CRM)

The majority of presentations are completed by experts in the topic we wish to cover, however in some instances we have developed round table discussions of legal marketers to provide actual “real world” examples of implementations or programs at member firms.

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Anthony Belmonte - TLOMA 2024-2025 Human Resources SIG Leader

T: (416) 596-2891
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Human Resources

Human Resources is a core function of any organization with individuals practicing as either generalists, specialists or as part of their role as Office Manager/Administrator.  Human Resources plays a key role in a law firm by maintaining positive employee relations, attending to recruitment and selection processes, researching market salaries and remaining competitive with other firms while complying with federal and provincial legislation. 

Human Resources SIGS offer seminars and workshops to assist members in staying current with human resource strategies and practices as they relate to both the legal industry and the corporate world.

This group provides a great starting point for TLOMA members who work in the Human Resources field or for those who are just interested in Human Resources generally.  Human Resources SIGS provide a forum where members can stay current and up to date with Law Society regulations and government legislation.  It also keeps you at the forefront of Human Resources matters by providing members with professional tools and resources such as access to a comprehensive compensation and benefits surveys annually and a job board where career opportunities  may be posted .  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, or you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Human Resources SIG leader.

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Tom Wolfenden - TLOMA 2024 Finance SIG Leader

T: (705) 792-9200
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Whether you are an accountant, financial controller, accounting manager, or an office manager working  within the legal community, the pace of today’s environment requires you keep current on the latest business trends effecting the legal market. 

TLOMA is a great source that provides you access to various forms of information and tools to help you with your mandate to provide effective business solutions for your employer. The Finance SIG will provide you with the resources to anticipate and respond to issues arising in the legal finance industry, as it relates to your business practices.

TLOMA provides educational and networking opportunities to financial managers and to the non-financial office administrator for all sizes of law firms through meetings and networking to discuss ideas of interest in the legal industry. Participation in this group is an excellent way to get to know others that face many of the same daily challenges and generate discussion regarding process improvements and problem solutions. Our meetings are typically in the format of lunch and learns with educational presenters and/or round-table discussions with your peers from other firms. 

From CRA tax changes to LSUC requirements, the Finance SIG helps our members stay in touch with changes that affect our legal practice in the Province of Ontario. Past meetings include LSUC Spot Audit Program, Practice Review, HST & Electronic Billing. 

Through seminars hosted by the Finance SIG, TLOMA helps members stay current on financial trends as they relate to the legal industry.

This section is a great starting point for TLOMA members who work in the finance field or for those who are just interested in finance generally. In addition to providing members with direct contact to our Finance SIG leader, TLOMA maintains up-to-date links to relevant website links such as LawPro and The Law Society of Upper Canada.

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Paul C. (Chuck) White - TLOMA 2024-2025 Facilities SIG Leader

T: (416) 862-4716
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There was a time when Facilities meant sourcing a fax machine or copying documents on a printing press.

Today there is a degree available in Facilities Management covering a wide range of topics with which to pursue a multitude of careers. Each day we manage Business Partner relationships, respond to emergency situations, liaise with contractors, relocate people, and juggle our own resources to create an exceptional workplace experience facilitating enhanced productivity.

This section is a great starting point for TLOMA members who work in the field of Facilities Services/Premises/Office Services. In addition to providing members with direct contact to our Facilities SIG leader, TLOMA maintains up-to-date links to the latest information on various topics in our industry. The scope of Facilities Management is vast from organizing office moves, redesigning space, providing office services, hospitality customer service, audio visual systems, security systems, researching and ordering stationery products to ergonomic assessments, (to name only a few) providing a fast paced environment where there is never a dull moment. As quoted by our Facilities SIG Leader, “Give me a tool belt and building blocks and I can accomplish anything!”

By attending seminars hosted by the Facilities SIG, TLOMA helps members stay current on new processes, customer services and trends as they relate to both the legal industry and the corporate world.

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