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Show me the money!

You enjoy the vast benefits of your TLOMA membership and have been spreading the word of its merits for years, but where’s your reward? TLOMA proudly introduces the Refer-A-Colleague Campaign where you help to grow our organization and we “show you the money!”

What do you need to do?

When you refer a colleague to TLOMA and they join as a member or register and pay in full for the TLOMA 2021 Conference and their application and/or conference registration is accepted, we will send you a $20 gift card. The only catch - you must ensure the applicant lists you as the referring Member or Business Partner.

Why should you refer a new member?

Growing our membership not only strengthens our community of peers but also enhances the value provided to each and every member through networking and collaboration opportunities, the breadth of experience that other members provide, and increased funding for exceptional speakers and resources.

How does it work?

Simply refer other legal professionals who are in a management position at a private law firm, a corporate, university or government legal department, a court system or a charitable legal agency to TLOMA and when they join the Association or pay for a full 2021 conference attendance, we will provide you with a $20 gift card.

IMPORTANT  - When they join, they need to put your first and last name on the membership form where it says "Referred by a Member or Business Partner".   

Guidelines for this program

  • This program is open to all Full Members, Life Members, Honorary Members and Business Partners.
  • The $20 gift card will be mailed out no later than 30 days following a new member’s application acceptance or full-payment received by a 2020-2021 conference attendee.
  • The referred colleague must either be:
    • New to TLOMA Membership (having never been a member) OR have not had an active membership since January 1, 2013 or earlier;
    • New to an Annual TLOMA Conference (having never attended) OR have not attended a TLOMA Conference since 2013 or earlier.
  • Membership Applicants OR Non-members joining the 2020-2021 Conference must meet the following criteria: Requirements for Membership.
  • To receive the $20 gift card, your first and last name must be noted in the “Referred by a Member or Business Partner?” section of the join TLOMA.
  • You will be entitled to as many $20 gift cards as accepted referrals. This includes referrals who meet the criteria - Requirements for Membership – and they are accepted as members or referrals who are registrants that have paid-in-full for the 2021 Conference.
  • $20 gift card is predetermined and cannot be exchanged for another one or transferred into cash. 

Share with your colleagues today 

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