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Business Partner Testimonials

If you would like to contribute comments regarding your relationship with TLOMA, please contact TLOMA.

Facility Plus - 2021 Elite Sponsor

"The TLOMA 2021 Conference & Trade Show was fantastic! Our team made new connections and engaged in great conversations with the many attendees who visited our booth. The overall experience was very productive and rewarding. Albeit virtual, the TLOMA team did a fantastic job of creating an engaging and ease to use platform for both attendees and business partners. 

From our team at Facility Plus, we would like to thank the TLOMA team for all of their efforts in always putting on an amazing conference, we look forward to 2022!" 
Alicia Levy, National Customer Service Team, Facility Plus

Cartel Inc. - 2021 Premium Sponsor

"We are always impressed with the commitment and efficiency of those who plan the TLOMA Conference and last year was no different despite the challenges of the Pandemic.

They created a  platform that we had never experienced before and while it was challenging to understand in concept, the implementation was seamless and easy and gave us  an opportunity to connect with our clients/friends and potential business partners. 

Overall, while it is always better to shake a hand in person and extend a more social hello, this conference allowed us to still meet, market and socialize with the safety of all in mind.

Thank you to TLOMA for including us and working so hard to make this a “digital” success.  We look forward to seeing you all in person this year!"
 - Sabrina UngarManager, Legal Support, Cartel Inc.

Forge Recruitment - 2021 Premium Sponsor

"TLOMA is a dynamic association that brings together a diverse group of professionals, each committed to professional development and the pursuit of identifying and implementing business efficiencies within their respective legal organizations.  In taking such endeavours, over time the association has successfully built a supportive community.  

It is for these reasons that Forge Recruitment is honoured to be partnered with TLOMA. Since joining the association as a Business Partner in 2018, we at Forge Recruitment have felt consistently welcomed to be a part of this community.  Whether it be various social events or the continuous professional development seminars for its members, you as a Business Partner will also feel recognized. There is a bond that exists between TLOMA and its business partners that truly makes us feel valued.

While all TLOMA events are spectacular, the annual conference is a truly fantastic event to be a part of.  The TLOMA conference provides its members and business partners with the opportunity to learn, socialize and ultimately have fun, in an enriching environment where we come together in shared interest."  
- Joncarlo Bairos, Managing Partner, Forge Recruitment

dealcloser - 2021 Diamond Sponsor

"The TLOMA virtual conference in 2021 was very well done in my opinion. What I liked as a BP and Sponsor was that it was easy to speak to other people, have our own booth with our information for people to easily explore and see if it was of interest. The training on the virtual platform that took place prior to the conference helped immensely so that on the day we knew how to navigate the conference. Having our videos as sponsors was also of great value to us as a Business Partner and Sponsor."
Sinead AlariAccount Executive, dealcloser

Saul Good Gift Co.- 2021 Diamond Sponsor

"I attended TLOMA conference for the first time in 2021. As a first time business partner, I was incredibly impressed with the organization of the event and the detail of the event structure. Seeing as how this conference took place during the Covid lockdown, TLOMA was required to host the event virtually. There was a very intricate event venue online which included a separate booth for all partners, a main stage, a room for yoga and relaxation, and even a main lobby equipped with a DJ for entertainment and to encourage networking.

As a business partner, I was able to host my own booth which allowed me to connect with the attendees from the event and to promote the services of our company. This was an incredibly valuable experience. TLOMA conference aided in connecting me with like minded individuals. I would fully recommend signing up for this conference and I am looking forward to attending the next one myself."
- Sara Tucker, Marketing Manager, Saul Good Gift Co.

Vertex Solutions Corporation - 2021 Diamond Sponsor

"Vertex has been a TLOMA Business Partner for over 10-years. During this time we have built many invaluable business and personal relationships with the members. The annual conference is the one tradeshow each year that we will never miss. TLOMA does an excellent job of incentivizing the members to visit all of the booths and there is a genuine appreciation by the membership for our attendance and sponsorship.

The annual conference not only provides us an opportunity to network with TLOMA members, but also TLOMA Business Partners where there are great synergies. TLOMA ensures the conference is a lot of fun and that the Business Partners are involved in many areas of it outside of just the tradeshow. Happy hour and dinner is a great time to mingle and get to know everyone on a more personal level. While the virtual conference last year was a great success, we are really looking forward to an in-person event this year and getting to see people in person again.

If you are a business that works with law firms like we are, TLOMA is the association you want to be involved with."
-Tyler Saunders, Chief Executive Officer, Vertex Solutions Corporation

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