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Membership in TLOMA provides many benefits.

There are many professional development activities which provide opportunities for you to network with other legal management professionals. Our Special Interest Groups focus on specific practice areas, such as Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Facilities and Marketing. Support is available in many forms, including one-on-one discussions and membership surveys.

Current Membership Benefits

Continuing Education

Each year, TLOMA holds a number of professional development meetings and Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings to help further the continuing education for all members. Each session focuses on providing education using experienced speakers who discuss various issues pertaining to managing a law office.  As part of your TLOMA membership fees you can attend SIG events free of charge.

Topics range from future trends in technology to Law Society policies. Past topics have included Diversity, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Mentoring and Leadership. Always topical, these meetings provide a forum for learning and networking.

Click HERE to view upcoming and past events.

Annual Conference

The annual educational conference is the flagship event of the TLOMA year. The Conference provides two and one-half days of stimulating educational sessions which include well known international speakers, celebrities and writers. You will enjoy networking with colleagues while you learn from specialists and take part in hands-on workshops. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet with a number of Business Partners that service the legal industry - all in a relaxing atmosphere away from the workplace.

Come and join us for the 2023 TLOMA Conference  - October 11-14, 2023.


Business Services Survey, Associate Survey and Total Rewards Survey

The TLOMA Suite of Surveys are specific to law firms and have been developed to provide answers to our member’s questions regardless of firm size. These surveys use a Job Family and Career Level methodology that is beneficial to all firm sizes, and it provides the ability:

  • to easily match jobs;
  • to benchmark salaries with other firms of similar size;
  • to assist in managing internal pay equity for those firms that do not have a formal job evaluation/grading system; and
  • to look at trends in total rewards for both smaller and larger firms.

The survey is easily completed on one excel spreadsheet and the results are provided in electronic format.  It is an invaluable tool that can be purchased for a rate much less than industry standard.  Moreover, the cost of the survey, to you, is based on the size of your law firm.

The annual suite of Surveys are available for PARTICIPATION AND/OR purchase by members of TLOMA.   

Stay Tuned for information on the 2023 Survey!

To purchase the 2022 Business Services or Total Reward Survey, contact TLOMA.


The newsletter keeps you up-to-date on up coming TLOMA events and includes valuable articles relating to the administration of a law firm. The newsletter, TLOMA Today, is published 10 times per year, is distributed via email and is also available online under TLOMAToday.

Information Sharing

Information sharing and support can be found in many forms within TLOMA. TLOMA undertakes surveys, updates on policies and procedures and information on the ever evolving marketplace. TLOMA offers specific discussion Forums where you have the opportunity to engage in relevant communication and obtain information that might not otherwise be available to you. TLOMA also provides an opportunity to develop important relationships with others in the legal industry.


Membership ensures full access to our website which includes white papers, information regarding Business  Partners, and information from our association meetings. We continually monitor trends and revisit our on-line strategy regularly to ensure members are able to access practical information that allows them to run their offices at an optimum level.


TLOMA has two member only networking events each year:  one Networking Event held in the summer and the Holiday Networking Event held the end of November or early December. 

These events provide members the opportunity to make new acquaintances and keep in touch with other members.

At the beginning of all TLOMA meetings and events members are given the opportunity to mingle, catch up on news, and just relax. This is an ideal opportunity to meet new members and to form new friendships and associations that will provide valuable assistance when needed.

TLOMA’s Life Members are invited to attend the Holiday Season luncheon as a guest of TLOMA. Life Members are welcome to attend all other TLOMA events at their own expense.


This program is currently a work-in-progress.  Stay tuned for future details in 2023!

Please contact our Administrative Office at 416-410-1979 X2 or email TLOMA.

Become a Member

If you would like to become a member of TLOMA, we invite you to review the  Requirements for Membership.

If you have any questions regarding the membership process, please contact,


The cost of annual membership for 2024 is $435.00 plus HST ($491.55).



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