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Business Partner Testimonials

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Ricoh Canada Inc.

Ricoh has been a TLOMA sponsor for more than 15 years, and it was terrific to be back in person this past September, engaging with the membership after two years of virtual conferences. We look forward to being in Ottawa in 2023 and the opportunity to meet with and better understand our customers’ challenges, as well as share how Ricoh is supporting them to successfully navigate their digital transformation initiatives.

Mitchell PereiraNational Strategic Account Executive
Ricoh Canada Inc.
(647) 221-8200


CTI Working Environments 

CTI Working Environments is a relatively new Business Partner with TLOMA and I can tell you the TLOMA Conference 2022 was a fantastic opportunity for us.

The organization of the event and the willingness to work with us towards great outcomes was refreshing; the attitude of the organizing committee was incredible. Further, from the opening evening festivities through the trade show portion of the event to the formal dinner, everything was first rate. At every step we had an opportunity to meet the members and get to know them and a little bit more personally and learn about their businesses.

We can’t wait until TLOMA Conference 2023, see you there!

Dave Turner
Vice President, Business Development
CTI Working Environments •
t: 905.362.2785  l  c: 416.801.3957  I  e:

Korbitec Inc

Korbitec Inc/ACL has been a TLOMA Business Partner for close to 15 years. During this time, we have successfully built many business and personal relationships with members, and we are thankful to the TLOMA team for creating a positive space for this to occur. The conference has always felt more like a social gathering for all those who have been apart of our trusted client base. We are always impressed by the professionalism and organization that takes place for an event of this size. Our booth is always easily reachable, and the passport program ensures all members come by to say hello.

Alan Bass | President
Julia Palleschi | Account Manager

MARANT Construction Limited   

Being MARANT’s first year participating as a Business Partner in the TLOMA Conference, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. It was clear from the very first welcome dinner just how strong of a community the TLOMA members and staff have built over the years. TLOMA set up an extremely organized tradeshow where we had the chance to speak with the different members, get to know them, and hear some of the experiences they’ve gone through over the past 3 years.

Highly recommend and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2023!

Kevin Pak
Business Development Manager 
MARANT Construction Limited:

Normandin Beaudry

We were very impressed with the high energy and engagement levels during the TLOMA 2022 Conference & Trade Show. As a new BP sponsor, we were not sure what to expect but our experience was great as the conference team was welcoming and the attendees were interested in connecting with us at our booth as well as the other networking opportunities. It was a great showcase for partners and I very much appreciated the TLOMA team checking in with us during the event and following up with us afterwards to gather some feedback. Well planned and executed. Thank you.

Manny Campione
Market Leader and Principal, Performance and Compensation
Normandin Beaudry:


2022 was our first TLOMA conference, it definitely won’t be our last!  We really appreciated having the opportunity to talk to so many different people, our booth was very busy with folks interested in learning more about our company and our services.  We left the show with a number of solid leads and have since closed out some new business with law firms we wouldn’t be working with if it wasn’t for TLOMA!  This conference is highly recommended if you want to get quality facetime with the right people from some of Canada’s leading Law Firms!

Dave Millier

Smart IP Telecommunications 

We’ve all attended trade shows.  You set up your booth and hang around while delegates attend sessions and wait for breaks between sessions and lunch dinners to meet delegates. A poor use of valuable time.

TLOMA is different.

The TLOMA Vendor conference is, in its entirety, four hours in one afternoon without competing sessions drawing delegates away.  In fact, delegates know in advance the afternoon is focused on the Vendor relationships and delegates are encouraged to attend. By attending every vendor booth and completing a “passport”, delegates become eligible for many prizes, some of which are significant. This further encourages delegates to visit every booth.

The passport concept give me, as a Vendor, an opportunity to meet every delegate, if only briefly, to make a quick inquiry, collect a business card and discuss post conference follow up where the voice now matches a face.

When considering the value of attending a trade show, the caliber of the delegates is always a consideration.  I suggest almost every delegate at TLOMA is either a decision maker or a strong influencer, further enhancing the value of connections made at the show.

I have attended every TLOMA Vendor conference for seventeen years (two virtual Covid years excepted) and now, many of the delegates are clients… it’s almost like a homecoming event!  While we are attending to acquire new clients, of course, it’s just as important an opportunity to get face to face with existing clients – an opportunity to further cement relationships and sometimes, learn about issues that require our attention.

I know of no other opportunity to get in front of a respectable group of people in such a short period, making a booth at the TLOMA Vendor conference indeed, an exceptional value.

Ivan Cohen
Senior Account Executive
Smart IP Telecommunications:

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