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Date: Tue. Nov 17, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Fogler, Rubinoff LLP
77 King Street West
Suite 3000
Toronto, Ontario


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Leveraging LinkedIn


We will review four integral components on how to use LinkedIn and more importantly, how to benefit from it.

The four main topics will include; building your brand, connecting with a qualified audience, providing value based content, and how to stay engaged daily.  Each element plays an important role to ensuring you can maximize the return on your time spent.


In the legal world, quite frankly, time is money. We will provide tips and tricks to help ensure your organization adopts the practices needed to succeed in social selling and as well, to ensure each participant feels more knowledgeable about how to navigate and use the platform that is used worldwide by over 300 million members. 


Whether you want to build your firm's brand visibility, increase referrals, generate leads, or connect with colleagues in your field, LinkedIn can help you reach your goal.


Speaker:  Jessica Fowler

                  Director of Human Equation     


Jessica Fowler has been in the field of marketing and media from the onset of her career, following the completion of her MBA, specializing in international business. She began working in television with fortune 500 companies creating commercial storyboards to reach and engage audiences worldwide. Since returning to Canada, she has been working primarily in the digital space and in recent years she has been working with law firms and lawyers across Ontario. She has helped develop strategies to build brand visibility and enhance new business development opportunities by optimizing a firm’s online presence. She thrives on continual learning, and this industry undoubtably is one that keeps everyone on his or her toes. Moreover, she loves educating others in how to capitalize on these trends and forecast ahead.

She is certified in social media selling and understands how to leverage social media to help build and enhance personal and corporate brands. More importantly, how to build and engage with qualified audiences to uncover new business opportunities. She is currently working with an award winning company, Human Equation, who is a leader in marketing and innovative technology, providing clients the business intelligence and tools to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

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