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Date: Thu. Jun 25, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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77 King Street West, Suite 400,
TD Centre
North Tower
Toronto, Ontario M5K 0A1

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Living The Brand


Living the Brand

The dreaded “B” word evokes fear in the heart (or lack thereof) of every law firm. When the mere mention of a “rebrand” is uttered, the finance officer protests (and secretly cries), the facilities manager begins ordering signs, the HR department puts out a hiring freeze, the IT department purchases new servers and the Managing Partner becomes even more evasive than usual.


But branding and rebranding doesn’t have to be a bad word and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Done right, and with the proper buy-in, branding should help differentiate your firm and make you stand out. It’s a strategy for calculated growth and sustained business success, not an exercise in drawing pretty pictures.


Marketing and Branding affects every member of the law firm: the Technology and HR professionals manage the “product”; the Facilities Officer manages the “place”; the Finance department manages the “price” and the Marketing Professionals manage the “promotion”. All areas need to work together towards the same goals and subscribing to the same strategy to get there.


Drawing from over a decade of experience as a Brand Strategist, Morgan will walk the group through the essentials of developing a brand strategy in a professional service environment, how to build brand equity for your firm, and how to “live” and deliver the brand. She’ll also discuss why most brand equity campaigns fail and how to overcome these obstacles. Whether you’re from a large, full-service firm or a small boutique firm, a marketing professional or not, there are valuable takeaways for all attendees.


Our Speaker, Morgan MacLeod


Morgan MacLeod, Co-owner of Cubicle Fugitive Inc. and, is a brand, marketing and web strategy specialist with over sixteen years’ experience helping companies, including many professional service firms, post-secondary education institutions, charitable organizations and several of the Canada’s largest media companies, build and manage their brands both online and off.


A dynamic speaker with a passion for selling services and intangibles, she has spent the last eight years working almost exclusively with business-to-business and professional service firms helping them create strategic, meaningful and memorable identities. With a strong foundation in market research and sales, Morgan develops strategies, designs, campaigns, marketing plans, sponsorships and brands by first understanding and addressing client needs and then using those insights to help convert interest into deeper relationships and new business. 

Having interviewed hundreds of lawyers across Ontario, Morgan has an intimate understanding of the professional mindset and their challenges when building their practice and profile. She regularly works with lawyers, both established and juniors fresh out of school, to help them articulate their points-of-difference and build strategies for cultivating new business both online and off.


Her company, Cubicle Fugitive, a full-service Brand and Marketing Firm, has been helping clients define their brands, design their identities, develop their websites and market their companies for over twelve years.


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