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South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd
Toronto, ON, M5V 2W6

September 28 - September 29, 2021

Event Detail

Workshop 2A - Mastering the Intersections - What Great Leaders Need to Know, Be and Do

Wed, Sep 29, 2021
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Workshop 2A

Speaker(s): Jane Southren | Christine Shimoda

Location: Room 802

Today’s legal economy requires a new type of leader; one who isn’t confined by the narrow lanes of expertise that used to bind them, but instead is a master of the intersections that now characterize our work environments. As we explore leadership theory, mindset, skills and high-impact behaviours in the context of a changing professional landscape, we’ll discuss several intersections that exist in firms of all sizes, and apply to all leaders, both lawyers and administrators.

Great leaders must now navigate things like:

  • Managing people, and managing the tools and technology they use to do their work.
  • Knowing what they, their teams and enterprise do, how they do it, and what is most highly valued by a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • Applying leadership theory and practice to four generations of people, with different values and approaches, in a single workplace; and
  • Balancing historic and proven expertise with the ability to be agile, courageous and innovative in a climate of accelerating change.

In this engaging and interactive session, you’ll learn how the qualities of great leaders are connected to skills within our three Domains of Mastery TM - Relationship Mastery, Personal Mastery and Purpose Mastery - and how they can be deployed in the new economy.

You’ll have an opportunity to apply this learning to a case study where you’ll identify the leadership skills that amplify success and address gaps, and collectively we’ll generate a list of best-practices for a great leader as your take-away.

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