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Manager Client Services


Job Details

Firm Name: GhostPractice Inc.
Posted: Tue. Sep 10, 2019
Location: Downtown Toronto

Job Type

  • Finance

Manager Client Services

GHOSTPRACTICE ( is an international technology company servicing the legal industry with its North American operations based in the heart of downtown Toronto. We are a motivated and passionate team of industry professionals committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients. Additionally, we are growing rapidly and are committed to hiring people who are interested in working collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. Your strong communication skills, team commitment and positive approach to challenges along with an unwavering dedication to customer service are appreciated.

ROLE: MANAGER CLIENT SERVICES, Practice Management Software

Job Description:

  • Lead our client services and support initiatives by managing a team of support representatives and working directly with customers in both an inside and outside capacity. NOTE: Onsite client interactions occur in collaboration with our project management teams and typically focus on the software support for accounting and bookkeeping features.
  • Specialize in the leadership of supporting new projects and existing customers on the software’s Back Office functions, or Accounting and Bookkeeping features.
  • Manage all support team recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing training and professional development.
  • Monitor support team performance and plan staff schedules for the department as required.
  • Collaborate with other senior management on various organizational goals including communicating critical feedback from customers to the product management teams.
  • Ultimately ensure all customer support initiatives are prioritized and resolved by the team in a timely fashion.
  • Assist in the development and execution of internal workflows and processes, as they evolve within our organization.
  • Handle customer escalations to ensure top quality customer satisfaction.
  • Be a qualified product expert with complete knowledge and understanding of the GhostPractice software.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Strong background in accounting with a minimum 5 years’ experience working with accounting software systems. Experience with legal accounting, or practice management systems preferred.
  • Maintaining a customer first working environment where strong communication skills and a positive attitude are always a priority.
  • Minimum 3 years management experience.
  • Positive and upbeat with excellent communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills with attention to details.
  • A strong and unwavering customer service obsession.
  • Self-starter, quick learner, motivated, disciplined and focused and a true team player.
  • Proficiency in Excel and Word.
  • Ability to travel outside of Toronto, as required.
  • University, or College Degree

To apply, please send a resume to

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