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January, 2023
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January, 2023 | Presidents Message

Presidents Message

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Author Mark Hunter

Happy new year! As 2022 came to a close, many of us recounted all the good that happened during the year and all that we have achieved. It was a time where we celebrated those we lost, including individuals who made a global impact and those who made a more personal one, while cherishing the new people that entered our lives. I hope that everyone was able to celebrate the close of 2022 and the birth of 2023 to its fullest.

The new year is often a time where people challenge themselves whether as a significant resolution or a simple desire to try something new. I was listening to a podcast over the holidays where they talked about being brave as you set goals for the year. Being brave will mean something different for each of us but the idea is the same. By having or showing mental or moral strength to face fear or difficulty we show bravery. Being brave means doing something even though we are scared, which is an idea we can bring to our work and personal lives. In 2023, be brave in setting goals and responding to situations, you will come out stronger for it.

The TLOMA leadership group is planning for a 2023 that will begin to look like what we are used to with in-person SIGs, more networking and growth opportunities. There has been significant change in how we work over the last few years and although none of us can predict what this next phase will look like, TLOMA will continue to be agile and find ways for you, our members, to have professional development opportunities that enhance your skills through learning, sharing and networking.

Here's a look at our upcoming calendar of events for January and February:

Jan 31, 2023 - FACILITIES SIG EVENT - The Invisible Barrier - How The Air You Breathe Is Impacting Your Business - A Harvard Review

Feb 21, 2023 - TLOMA JOINT FINANCE & TECHNOLOGY SIG - Cyber Security Insurance Renewals: What to Expect and How to Prepare for it

I wish you all the very best for 2023.

Mark has over 20 years marketing and communications experience delivering strategic advice and operational expertise that guides and supports organizations. He has helped lawyers, engineers, scientists and planners understand where clients come from, why they get selected over other professionals and what they need to do to keep a busy book.

Mark has helped a number of organizations appreciate what differentiates them, how foundational awareness guides good decision making, and how to build a high performing cultures.

TLOMA 2023 Conference and Trade Show - October 11 - 14, 2023 Leaderboard
January, 2023 | Article

Holiday Networking Event Hilights!

TLOMA acknowledged and thanked our outgoing Past President, Dawn Millar, Education Coordinator, Joanne Gibson-Davis, Conference Committee Chair, Colleen McHugh and Finance SIG Leader, Pat Carrano.  Daryl Craig, Technology SIG Leader and Nicole Brown, Marketing SIG Leader were unable to attend the event, but their contributions were recognized.  Our sincere thank you to all our volunteers for a job well done!

Here’s some pictures of our members who attended the in-person event at Biagio Ristorante on November 25, 2022!  Some of our Life Members were there too.