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December, 2018
TLOMA 2019 Conference Leaderboard
December, 2018 | President Message

President's Message

Michelle Medel
Author Michelle Medel

This is truly a time for us to reflect on the year and look forward to welcoming new experiences, connections and continued growth. It is also a time for gratitude; for recognizing others who have made a significant impact in our personal and professional lives.

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel - Carl W. Buechner. The above-noted  quote has long been my mantra, and I experience it again and again with you, my TLOMA peeps.  

It's bittersweet to be writing this; my last “Prez Mez” for TLOMA Today. My Presidency ends this month with the official hand-off taking place in February. Thank you for entrusting me with this honour, privilege and responsibility to serve you. This experience has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling of my career. Stepping up as Vice President and then President  has honed my skills and knowledge, forced me out of my comfort-zone and brought many new friends into my life.  

You have probably picked up on the fact that I like to write and tell wee stories each month. I’ll miss that. But fear not, I’ll connect with you over the occasional email, during yoga class, or perhaps over a coffee or lunch. For now, I have the pleasure of passing “the pen” on to your 2019 President Elect, Ms. Pamela Harris. 

As I move into the role of Past President for 2019, I would like to personally thank everyone who worked with me on the Board of Directors to ensure my Presidency was a success: Ivaylo Nikolov – 2018 Past President, Pamela Harris – 2018 Vice President, Cathy Byrnes – Treasurer, Angela Kirkpatrick – Education Coordinator, Debbie Tibbo – Conference Chair and Kylie Aramini – Communications Coordinator & Newsletter Editor. And of course, what would I have done without Liz Barrington and Karen Gerhardt, always there to answer questions and provide administrative support whenever I sent along an email or made a call about something that Ivo forgot to tell me (just kidding Ivo). Thank you to Katherine Mather, our Compensation Committee Chair, each of our SIG Leaders and all active volunteers for their tireless work on behalf of the Association. You are awesome!!!  

For those of you who haven’t yet served… I encourage you to consider giving back to your TLOMA community through volunteerism in 2019 and beyond. Here is what I found after volunteering: Amazing volunteers do exist and their impact is extraordinary. We are very lucky to have a team of people who want to generate a positive impact. This means implementing great programs and attracting more amazing volunteers. They are driven by the bottom line: results. We have folks who stick to their commitments. They have a zero flake factor. If they say they will contribute something specific, they do their absolute best to make it happen. They are problem solvers and hack, tinker and persist until they find a way forward. They are like Red Bull and “give you wings.” You feel amped when collaborating with these folks. When the different volunteers get together it is magical. Friendships form, fun is present and it feels like family.  So what do you think??? Our volunteers bring a wide range of contributions to the table. It could be seasoned skills or raw energy. It could be brand new ideas or field expertise. It could be one-off contributions or on-going commitments. So think about it. Next time a call goes out to the membership looking for volunteers, I hope you will step up.

I’m looking forward to seeing you December 7 when we’ll be “Making Spirits Bright” at our Annual Holiday Member Networking Event.This year’s event takes place at the Omni King Edward Hotel in the Vanity Fair Ballroom (37 King Street East). As we close out our 50th year as an Association, I’m filled with hope for our legal community. Sure, being a Law Office Manager is not always easy – but we all share the same crazy…I mean calling!!!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always!

Michelle xoxo

Michelle Medel is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Lerners LLP.   In this role, Michelle directs all Human Resources functions with respect to the Professionals and Legal Support Staff for the Firm.  She is also responsible for the Toronto Associate/Student Programs.  This includes developing, implementing and managing the recruitment, orientation, training and professional development of the firm’s Associates and Students.  She also provides strategic leadership by articulating Human Resource needs and plans to the Executive Management Team and Partnership. 
December, 2018 | Article

2018 Special Interest Group Wrap Up

2018 Year in Review
Halpenny, Leah.2016
Durdin, Bernice
Rasitan, Misha
Gilmore, Celine
McFetridge 24oct17
Authors Leah Halpenny, Bernice Durdin, Misha Rasitsan, Celine Gilmore and Patrick McFetridge


This was my second year as the Finance SIG leader for TLOMA.  It has again been a very rewarding experience.   The sessions we had in 2018 were well attended.  They included a session on:  Billed Basis Accounting Changes (January session), Electronic Payment Options Round table, and a Law Society Presentation on Practice Management Review and Spot Audits.  The last session of the year in December will be a further update on the CRA Changes on Billed Basis Accounting.  The Finance SIG round table event was particularly well received. In 2019, I look to seamlessly transiting my role as Finance SIG leader to Pat Carrano.  

Also, in 2019 I will take on the Treasurer role on the Board.  I am excited about the new opportunity.


Another year has gone by and my term as Human Resources SIG Leader has come to an end.  Thank you to everyone who attended this year's educational sessions.  I think we can all agree our favorite SIG was Marijuana at Work - The Times They Are a Changin', and they certainly are.  I leave you in good hands with Sandra Chung taking over as HR SIG Leader. 

A special thank you to Liz Barrington, Karen Gerhardt and Angela Kirkpatrick for your assistance with each SIG, it was never a dull moment!

Happy Holidays everyone and I will see you at the next HR SIG!


It has been a very productive year. Technology evolves very quickly, and I tried to cover aspects of this evolution with a variety of topics, such as Ways To Reduce Records Storage Costs, Trial by iPad, Cross Border Travel & Protecting Client Information, and Communication Solutions for Law Offices. It was also my first time organizing the Technology Round Table, which was received very well.  Next year, I am starting my second 2-year term as Technology SIG Leader with TLOMA. I am very excited about bringing additional sessions to the TLOMA Community.

A special thank you to Angela Kirkpatrick, Karen Gerhardt, and Liz Barrington for helping me organize all sessions. Stay tuned for more Tech events to come in 2019!


This was my first year as the Marketing SIG Leader for TLOMA. Whether you are new to legal or an experienced legal professional, a TLOMA membership provides invaluable networking opportunities, training and access to educational seminars to be more effective and stay abreast of new trends. The sessions in 2018 were well attended. They included a session on Developing Results-Focused Email Campaigns, Ensuring a Productive and Successful CRM Adoption and a Marketing Roundtable where we discussed everything from social media, directories, thought leadership and marketing ROI best practices. If you have any suggested topics for 2019, all ideas are welcome. I can be reached by email at


I happily started my second term as Facilities SIG leader in 2018 taking over from my friend Wayne Gayle. My first term was a great experience and the first year of my second term has continued as a great experience.

We ran our first roundtable facilities SIG with great success! We will continue with the roundtable discussions in 2019 based on the positive feedback. It was great to get people talking with each other about the issues they face on a daily basis and have people give advice, suggestions and support on a peer level to help others steer their way through the maze that can be our daily work life. The friends and colleagues I have met through TLOMA is something that I value greatly. The support they have given me over my 2 terms is something I will cherish forever. I encourage anyone who has not gotten more involved with TLOMA to do so. There are many volunteer positions that need people. It will be a great experience.

Have a great holiday and amazing 2019! 

Leah Halpenny is currently the Vice President, Finance and Administration at the Toronto head office of Green and Spiegel LLP.  Green and Spiegel LLP is Canada’s largest and oldest immigration law practice with over 50 years of experience assisting a diverse global clientele. With offices in Toronto as well as U.S. offices in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Providence (Rhode Island), and Vail (Colorado), the firm has approximately 100 immigration professionals offering a full range of Canadian and American immigration law services to corporations, individuals and their families. 

Bernice Durdin recently joined Robins Appleby LLP as their Human Resources Manager.  Prior to her current role, she spent the past 3 years as the Human Resources Manager at Baker & McKenzie LLP.  Bernice has held various management positions over 20 years' experience working in the legal industry.

Bernice joined Oatley, Purser in 1998 as a Receptionist while completing her Human Resources diploma at Georgian College. In 2002, Oatley, Purser separated off and formed the new firm of Purser, Dooley LLP where Bernice was promoted to role of Office Manager. Over the next few years, two more mergers followed with local Firms in the Barrie area. In 2012, Barriston LLP was formed and Bernice was promoted to Human Resources Manager. In this role, she was responsible for managing 6 offices between Barrie and Haliburton.

Bernice has been actively involved in TLOMA since 2002. During that time Bernice has attended the annual conferences and attends as many SIGs monthly meetings as possible. In 2015, Bernice was previously on the Nominating Committee, in 2017 she was on the Compensation Committee and is the 2017/2018 HR SIG Leader.

Misha Rasitsan is the Manager, Operational Reports at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP. His major responsibilities are to deliver all operational intelligence and ad hoc report requests, operational metrics, and also to perform some system administration duties.

Previously, Misha has worked at Goodmans LLP for the past 17 years. In addition, for almost 10 years, he was the Toronto City Representative for ILTA. Last but not least, he is also the City Representative for the Thomson Reuters Elite User Group.

He likes to travel, Italy and Spain are his favorite destinations. In the summer, you can find him in the tennis court.

Celine is the Director of Client Development and Operations at Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP.  She is a marketing professional with 19 years of experience.  Celine has been working in the legal industry for the last 7 years in various marketing, technology and business development roles.  Previously Celine spent 12 years in high-tech deploying CRM, marketing automation and lead management solutions.

Celine has a passion for automation, process improvement and implementing simple, practical and realistic solutions that drive operational excellence and provide superior client service delivery.

Celine is excited to be part of the TLOMA family in helping to develop/facilitate and promote continuing education programs that respond to the needs of its members.  Outside the office, Celine can be found running, at a competitive cheer gym or teaching her daughters the art of culinary.”

Patrick McFetridge has been the Senior Manager of Office Services and Facilities at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP since 2007.  Patrick manages a team of 25 in Facility Services, Mail/Print Centre, Food Services, Reception and Records Management.  He is a dedicated team player with strong leadership skills.

Patrick is experienced in: Budgetary Planning, Vendor Sourcing, Large and Small-Scale Moves, Joint Health and Safety, Office Ergonomics, Meeting Management, Supply Management and Contract Management.

In his personal time Patrick loves to golf, ski and is a big music fan.

TLOMA - HR SIG - Bill 47 - January 22, 2018
December, 2018 | Article

5 Microsoft Word Hacks That Will Make Every Law Firms Life Easier

5 Microsoft Word Hacks That Will Make Every Law Firms Life Easier
TLOMA_SocialMedia_Twitter HalfPage
Author Tyler Sanders

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing programs across the globe. Chances are, you probably use it every day to create, edit, or view documents. And because you’re so familiar with it, you might think that you already know everything there is to know about the program. It’s time to rethink that assumption.

More than a word processor, Word is a powerful publishing tool that can increase every lawyer’s productivity. If you know how to navigate your way through the program, you can simplify your work and cut the time you spend on doing certain tasks. Here are five hacks that will make you a Word pro in no time.

1. Use legal backline to compare document changes.

Tracking document changes can be time-consuming, especially when you’re reviewing long and text-heavy documents. Thankfully, Word has an option called legal backline that allows you to see the changes made to a document at a glance.

To use the legal backline option, go to Review > Compare group > Compare and select Compare two versions of a document (legal backline).  Under their respective drop-down menus, choose the original and the revised documents you want to compare, and click OK. Word will then show you both the original and the revised version of the document, as well as a third document with all the revisions in red font.  This feature comes in handy when you’re reviewing an updated policy or a revised contract.

2. Combine multiple author changes in a single document.

Legal drafts, briefs, and memoranda often undergo multiple revisions before they are approved for publication. If you need to merge more than two versions of the same document, just go to Review > Compare group > Combine. A pop-up box will appear where you can select the original version and the revised version you want to merge it with. In the box saying Label unmarked changes with, input a word or a phrase that will allow you to remember which version was merged with the original. Then, click More > Show changes in > Original document.  Click OK. Repeat until you have combined all the versions you need to combine.

3.  Lock the final version of a document to prevent it from being edited.

You wouldn’t want your final document to be tampered with or accidentally edited, especially if it contained confidential information. To disable further editing on a document, you can mark it as “final” by going to File > Info > Protect Document > Mark as Final. Doing so will open the document as read-only, preventing users from making further changes.

4. Save time by using default or custom formatting styles.

From choosing family types to selecting font size to adjusting the margin, formatting documents is a tedious task. You can streamline this process by using the styles option in Word. Each style is basically a template consisting of a unique combination of heading, body, font, and other formatting preferences that can be quickly applied to your document. You can also create your own style by going to Home > Styles > Create a Style. If you want, you can add a name to your style, so you can remember which formatting template goes with a brief, a contract, or a draft pleading. This lets you deal with your document’s aesthetic needs in one click and spend more time on legal work.

5. Generate a table of contents based on your document.

The days of manually typing your table of contents for a report are over. To automatically generate a TOC, go to Insert > Reference > Table of Contents > Insert Table of Contents > OK. Note that this will only work if you have specific styles applied to your document, because Word uses such styles as guides to determine which parts of the text is the heading, sub-heading, and so on. If you haven't selected any style, you will get an error message. To apply a style to your document, just go to Home > Style then select a style. When you’re done, go to Insert > Reference > Table of Contents and select Update the Entire Table in the Update Table of Contents dialog box.

Microsoft Word is only one of the many Office 365 apps that can help your practice become more productive. Download our free Office 365 e-book now and discover how work at your firm can be better optimized.

Tyler Sanders is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vertex Solutions Corporation, an IT Managed Services and Cloud provider that specialize in IT Solutions for Law Firms. Vertex’s focus is to work closely with their clients to understand and leverage technology to overcome business challenges and provide them a competitive advantage.  

Security is a core component to the services Vertex provides and they have a comprehensive library of interactive online security training videos along with a process to simulate cyber-attacks to uncover deficiencies in end-user awareness and training.    

Tyler has over 25-years’ experience as an IT Professional an can be reached at or 416-628-3721 x 222 and more information can be found at

December, 2018 | Article

Just How Realistic Is Work-Life Balance?

G. Riskin - Article2
TLOMA - TalkTLOMA Forum HalfPage
Author ProServeIT Corporation

As someone who works in the legal field, what do the words “work-life balance” mean to you? Do these words conjure up something that you feel you already have, or do they remind you of something that just seems… unobtainable?

Whatever the words conjure up, it’s clear that the concept of “work-life balance” is great. But is it realistic?

So, here is an idea. Why don’t we strive for work-life integration instead? Here are three scenarios where we’ll show you what can help you attain work-life integration.

Why Work-Life Balance Isn’t Feasible

The concept of “work-life balance” puts a lot of emphasis on your work life and your personal life being perfectly in tune, all the time, every day. Which proves the point that it can’t be feasible.

There will be days where work must take priority over everything else you do. The client who needs your undivided attention to settle a claim. Afternoon or evening meetings with clients that are trying to buy a house. Those times spent researching articles and sections to determine some obscure estate law on a tough case. Whatever the reason, there are always going to be times when you need to put the rest of your life on hold and focus on work.

Similarly, there’ll also be times when work can, or needs to take a backseat. Your clients aren’t as active during certain parts of the year (snowbirds, anyone?), so you have more flexibility. You take a vacation and your spouse says it’s a time to reconnect, just the two of you, with no phones allowed. A sick family member requires that little extra TLC. There are going to be days when you can place more emphasis on your personal life.

So, rather than strive for something that isn’t feasible, why don’t we just turn our attention to something that’s a little easier to achieve? As a society, we should consider achieving work-life integration. What’s that, you ask? Read on to find out!

Striving for Work-Life Integration

Work-life integration is an approach that takes all areas of life – work, home or family, community, personal, and health – into consideration. It’s about finding the harmonious synergy between all the things you find most important. How? By leveraging technology to intertwine your work and your personal life.

What do we mean by this? Well, technology has opened many new ways for us to collaborate and work virtually, especially in the last few years, and this advancement provides vast new ways of taking advantage of work schedule flexibility. Consider the following:

  • Video conference calling capabilities have progressed enough that, when you need to hold a brainstorming session with a client, technology can let you do that remotely. No more need for face-to-face meetings.
  • Every phone has data capabilities, giving instant connectivity to the Internet at your fingertips – a far cry from when Internet was only through landline cables and you needed to be physically plugged in to it to check your emails.
  • Wi-Fi connections allow for the opportunity to turn any place with it into your office – any documents or files that are stored on a Cloud-based platform can be accessed via an Internet or data connection from any device, at any time.

Lots of technologies these days take work-life integration into account above all others. They allow for collaboration at a time that works for everyone.

Two Collaboration Tools That Can Help Improve Work-Life Integration

So, technology has provided new ways of working. Let’s take a bit of a deeper look at how these two collaboration tools – Microsoft Teams and SharePoint – can help improve work-life integration. 

Work-Life Integration with Microsoft Teams

You’ve been asked to help settle an estate for a widower who recently died, and there are several out of town family members who need to be kept in the loop, but can’t make the trip to your office. Worse, some of them are in different time zones than you. So, what can you do?

Microsoft Teams for Office 365 is a Cloud-based messaging and collaboration solution that acts as your ultimate workspace. With Microsoft Teams, you can communicate with team members and clients alike through individual or group chat capabilities, manage document sharing and collaboration in real-time, and, if linked with Phone System, Calling Plan, or Direct Routing, you can host voice or video calls, too.

Because Teams is available as an app on your mobile device as well as on your desktop or laptop, those family members in different time zones can connect with you whenever it suits you. Got some time while you’re waiting for your daughter to finish her swim practice? Pull up the file they need you to look at, and have a quick conversation with them through the Teams app on your mobile phone.


Work-Life Integration Using SharePoint

You’re a Junior Partner at a boutique law firm, and you’re finally getting to go on a much-needed vacation. You’re at the airport, waiting to fly out. Then, you get a notification on your phone. Your friend, another Junior Partner’s asked you if you’d have some free time at the airport to look over a deposition before she sends it on to the Senior Partner you both work for. You’ve got an hour before your flight boards, so you decide you might as well help her out.

Pulling up the Microsoft SharePoint app on your phone, you take twenty minutes and give the document in question a thorough once-over. Good thing you did, because you found three minor typos. Saving the document to your phone, you’re able to send it back to her.

This is work-life integration – being able to share and work on documents when it suits you.

As a Microsoft Gold partner that specializes in helping organizations of all sizes, from all industries increase their efficiency, eliminate their “IT debt”, and apply a security lens to everything they do, ProServeIT Corporation is in the perfect position to assist legal firms in achieving work-life integration. Whether it’s implementing Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or other products, our team of experts is able to help your law firm achieve work-life integration today. Contact us now to get started!
December, 2018 | Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight - Pamela Harris

Member Spotlight Re-Sized
Harris, Pam 1nov17
Author Pamela Harris

At TLOMA, we provide education, professional development, mentorship, and support to our Membership. Through these initiatives, TLOMA members are offered both a professional and social network of professionals working in law firms of all sizes. To encourage members to grow their network at TLOMA, we would like to profile TLOMA members in each issue of TLOMA Today to give readers a snapshot of who we are within the legal industry.

Name: Pamela Harris

How long have you been a member of TLOMA? Since 1996, that is 22 years, oh my.

Where do you work? Oatley Vigmond LLP, a plaintiff personal injury firm in Barrie.

What do you enjoy most about working in the legal industry? It is never boring, always changing, there is no shortage of challenges and the people are awesome.  On the days you do not want to run screaming from the building of course.

Where was the last place you vacationed? Paris, visit number two, looking forward to number three.

What is your favorite lunch spot during the workweek? I am generally scarfing down food in my office, I know, I know.

What is the name of your favorite restaurant? Groovy Tuesdays, if you are ever in Barrie, you must try it.

What is your favorite book? Guilty pleasure alert, anything by Jackie Collins, which unfortunately there will be nothing new.

What is your favorite comfort food? A burger for sure, I am so comfortable with them I have one every week.

Where is your go-to coffee shop? When I go-to, I am not having coffee.  State and Main is my new favourite watering hole.  Half price wine on Thursdays, nothing more to be said.

If you were able to start a blog, what would it be about? You will not believe what they did today….

Name one thing you can't live without? Air for sure, love runs a close second.  The people I love and the people who love me.  The list extends beyond blood relations.

If you could have a 60-minute conversation with anyone (fictional, famous, not famous, etc.) – who would you choose? Oprah Winfrey.

If you had to sing a Karaoke song to describe the real you, what song would you sing? Some of you can attest to the fact that I should never, I mean ever, sing Karaoke.

What are some of your pet peeves? People who squeeze the toothpaste in the middle and not from the end.

You have been gifted with $10,000 .... the only catch is you have to spend it all within 24 hours... you can't use it to pay bills. What does your 24 hours spending spree include? I would give it to people that it would make a difference in their lives.

If you are interested in participating in the Member Spotlight feature of TLOMA Today to share some of your experiences at TLOMA, please email for more information.

Pam has been working at Oatley Vigmond LLP since 1989 and is currently the Director of Administration and Planning.  In this role, Pam has the privilege of working with an amazing group of partners, lawyers and peers.  Pam helps focus their time and energy on the priorities that improve how they do business, provide the best level of service to their clients and create a better experience for their employees. 

Pam values continuous learning while looking at things differently, to find the opportunities when no one else sees them. 

Pam believes that strong continuous learning skills are required to successfully adapt to changing work and life demands.  Pam applies continuous learning in the workplace by viewing all experiences as potential learning and re-examining assumptions, values, methods, policies and practices. 

Pam has been a member of TLOMA since 1996 and held the Board position of Human Resources Special Interest Group Leader from 2015 until 2016, Vice President in 2018 and is the current 2019 President.

December, 2018 | Member Spotlight

Business Partner Spotlight - Craig Fisk, Ricoh Canada Inc.

Author Craig Fisk

Name of Organization / Company: Ricoh Canada Inc.


Organization / Company Overview:


Ricoh improves workplaces using innovative technologies and services enabling individuals to work smarter.

Ricoh is a global leader in providing end-to-end business intelligent solutions such as workplace services, managed document services, as well as offering Ricoh’s unique brand of professional information management consulting services. Our fully-integrated product and services portfolio is comprehensive yet focused on helping organizations share and reevaluate critical business information quickly and simply. With scalable solutions and services paired with global technical support capabilities, Ricoh is first class in our ability to help organizations revolutionize how they manage their digital and paper-based information.

Ricoh Legal Services are the Canadian Leader’s for Legal Business Solutions, leading Law Firms through the Transformation of the Practice of law to the Business of law.

Our services improve the quality of work life for legal professionals by delivering information in a way that empowers performance. We are re-inventing the legal workplace to virtualize the management of information as evidence. Our solutions and services deliver efficiency and automation to the internal processes of managing a law firm.

How many years have you been a Business Partner of TLOMA? Ricoh has been a partner with TLOMA for over 18 years. It has been a great relationship and we look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.

What has been your partnership experience with TLOMA over the years? Its been a great experience over the last 18 years with TLOMA. They are an extremely well-organized and professional group that makes it easy for partners like Ricoh. I find the SIG events have been a valuable way to share Ricoh’s expertise in the Legal industry in a meaningful way. The growth in Business Partner events have led to many opportunities for us and have allowed us to build stronger relationships.

Favorite TLOMA memoryIt’s hard to pick just one! We have visited so many fantastic places and have had the opportunity to be entertained by many different types of artists. I would say my favorite memory is the many friendships that I have been able to develop over the years.

What is your favorite comfort food? We regularly meet with family and friends for Dim Sum on weekends. There is always a dish for everyone and it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. My favorite are the soup-filled dumplings – once I mastered how to eat them I fell in love.

What is your favorite artist/band you got to see live in concert? All-time favorite concert was Lollapalooza – Janes Addiction headlined, and it was amazing.

Where is your go-to coffee shop? Chez Fisk - my house. I’m a tea drinker so it’s super convenient and made exactly to order!

Describe your ideal vacation – My ideal vacation is a tropical holiday with my wife and three kids—sharing quality time together at the beach, and then hopefully at the end of the day having a margarita with my wife watching the sunset.

Playing a key strategic role in the management of all client accounts, Craig brings over 27 years of experience in the Legal Services industry. Experiences include the management of numerous customer in-house print centres as well as the management of Ricoh Canada’s network of print and scanning facilities.

Craig’s leadership has helped Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments align their key performance indicators to their Digital strategy. In doing so, Ricoh has analyzed the flow of information, optimized business processes, and increased workflow efficiencies under a strict security process.

Its Craig’s mission is to enable you to achieve your desired business outcomes by providing today’s changing workforce with the right information, at the right time, in the right form, no matter where they are.

December, 2018 | Movers and Shakers
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Movers and Shakers

New Members

Anastasia Bohonos

Office Administrator

Ogletree Deakins International LLP

Nazli Ghafoori

Human Resources Manager

Torkin Manes LLP

Renee Jones

Office Manager

Jones Litigation Counsel LLP

Trami Le

Professor - Legal Office Administration

Conestoga College

Gemma Ramlal

Head of Human Resource/Office Manager


Sarah Tangney

Administration Manager

Madorin Snyder LLP


Millie Waicus

Manager, Information Technology

Bereskin & Parr LLP

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