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Date: Thu. Sep 10, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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TLOMA Finance SIG - Implementing Best Practices To Manage Risk And Improve Financial Success


Global Exchange Payment Solutions, a division of Cambridge Mercantile Corp (USA ), provides international & domestic AP Process improvement Solutions to Law Firms throughout North America. 

We will be discussing how new technology impacts economic conditions including strategies firms can implement to manage risk and improve financial success. 


Part 1:  Into the Unknown: Technological Change and the Economy of the Future

Karl Schamotta will discuss the key technologies that are changing the way that societies and economies function, setting the stage for another round of financial and geopolitical disruption. From a foreign exchange trader’s unique perspective, he will explore the risks and opportunities that are emerging for international organizations - giving you the knowledge needed to confidently step into the unknown.

  • An understanding of the key innovations that are disrupting the global economy,
  • Insight into the changes are destabilizing the global geopolitical landscape and generating volatility in the financial markets,
  • Strategies that organizations can use to manage risk and harness market opportunities in this environment.

Part 2:  Strategies for Improving Domestic & International Remittances

Anthony Loiacono will discuss:

  • Solving for AP challenges that drive the need to automate invoice payments
  • Providing you with strategies to map the cost and efficiency benefits of automation, and ways to gain approval for implementation 
  • Best practices on how to document your business approach, processes, and seamlessly manage your AP department's change

Part 3:  Gaining a Competitive Edge by Leveraging AP as an Asset rather than a Cost Center

Allen Gracey will discuss:

  • Current issues facing vendor management and check conversion programs. 
  • Practical, effective strategies to implement a truly paperless payment workflow environment. 
  • How to implement a system that ensures your data is compliant with applicable banking regulations. 
  • Using virtual cards and low cost ACH payments in lieu of paper checks, and
  • How to turn your A/P department into a profit center.

PLEASE NOTE:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, TLOMA is offering a discount for all non-members who work in a law firm environment to attend a webinar.  Register your non-member at the reduced fee of $38.50 + HST, click continue and process payment.


Registration Fee

There is no charge for a TLOMA Member to attend this event.  A non-member fee of $67.80 ($60.00 + HST) will apply. Payment is to be provided to TLOMA prior to the event.

If you wish to attend this SIG via Live Video Stream, please indicate in your registration.  Details of the live video stream will follow closer to the date of the event.

Members are encouraged to invite individuals and prospective members from their firm who may benefit from this topic.

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Registration Deadline

Thu. Mar 19, 2020

Registration Instructions

To REGISTER, click on the REGISTER button on the top left.

Please indicate any dietary restrictions with your registration.

PLEASE NOTE:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, TLOMA is offering a discount for all non-members who work in a law firm environment to attend a webinar.  Register your non-member at the reduced fee of $38.50 + HST, click continue and process payment.

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