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Date: Thu. Feb 10, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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TLOMA FACILITIES SIG - The Future of the Legal Workplace


Prior to the pandemic there were shifting considerations for the legal workplace which have now been accelerated and extremely important to the success of the future legal firm. Figure3 interior design consultants aim to uncover where on the ‘spectrum of change’ their law firm clients are heading and what the workplace strategy priorities will be to meet the legal firms short- and long-term goals. Their approach is to look closely at the current status of their legal clients and align this to the current shifts post pandemic.

Future considerations and impact to the legal industry workplace:

  • New HR policies & protocols
  • Enhanced technology integration
  • Digital paper transformation
  • Security
  • Balance of communication & workflow with clients and staff
  • New ways for training, mentoring, and knowledge sharing
  • Health & Wellness

Unique Cultural Aspects to make law firms stand out against the competition and key differentiators in the new workplace to attract & retain the top talent.

It is Figure3’s belief that the recent pandemic work-from-home requirements, will only further the legal industry workforce’s appetite for more flexibility & choice, while demanding more ‘human-centric’ approach to design.

When reviewing the key factors that are affecting the current construction market, Vestacon Ltd. has narrowed them down to these four: material lead-times, labour shortages, price increases and shipping delays. All combined they provide us with a better understanding of the current market, how trends are affected and how we can work together with our industry partners in providing our clients with the best result possible, in a timely manner. Vestacon reviews these four key factors on a weekly basis, so we can continue to present the best possible scenario for clients who wish to complete full buildouts or minor renovations to their existing or new office spaces. As the pandemic and environmental issues continue to have significant impact on these factors, as well as ongoing construction sites, the work to maintain a watchful eye on these remains a priority of ours. We can not predict the affects the pandemic has on these four factors, but we continue to work closely with industry partners in our effort to minimize risks for our clients, while looking ahead.  

Join us for an interactive event.


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