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Date: Tue. Dec 31, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Note:  Different dates for each event.

Communication & Presentation Skills


TLOMA has partnered with Commanding Presence to offer a 20% discount off to TLOMA members on Communication and & Presentation Skills.

Do your communication skills fall short of matching your expertise and knowledge?

Do you have complex ideas and thoughts that you wish to deliver in a way that is easily remembered when speaking impromptu?

Is speaking anxiety a barrier to your success?

Do you want to be more eloquent and persuasive in high-stakes meetings and presentations?

If your response is YES to these questions, then our communication skills and presentation skills training will provide a substantial and permanent improvement to your speaking skills.

Who will benefit from our training? 

For the past 20 years, we have delivered our training to accountants, lawyers, executives, and other professionals who are in the early years of their career, as well as those who are already successful speakers and leaders. Our communication skills training is immediately effective for those who have decided to raise their speaking skills to the same high-level as their writing skills.

What type of training do we offer? 

We specialize in highly effective and transformational workshops that deliver all the expert coaching, exercises, practice, videotaping and video feedback required to make a substantial and permanent improvement in your business communication and presentation skills.

About our training

Two of our most popular units included in all our training formats are the FOCUS! Method and Connecting with Your Audience.

For subject experts and leaders there is a lot of pressure in choosing what to say, how much to say, and how to begin and how to end to ensure your message is effective, understood, and retained. That is why we created the FOCUS! Method which factors in the limitations of people's short-term memory. We can cause people to rehearse, replay, or have strong images connected to our messages that transfer the message from working memory to longer-term memory. Thereby removing the “stickiness” of your messages and presentations.

The FOCUS! Method also provides a way for both introverts and extroverts to essentially “say less, and say it better”. It is a way to take complex thoughts and ideas and quickly and effectively present them in a way that is designed to be heard, retained, and persuasive. Participants will get a chance to create their own Focus Method presentations using current topics or issues and practice presenting them to other participants. We will record the presentations and provide coaching.

The Connecting with Your Audience unit will help the participants to understand the behavioral cues of when your message is being received when to slow down, and when you need to clarify your message. Participants will also learn how to speak effectively from notes and text while using a conversational style of speaking that will help to imprint their message. Participants will practice this method with each other while receiving expert coaching. We will record each participant presenting using this method.

We will also cover managing anxiety while speaking, controlling the room while presenting, preparing to speak, preparing your voice, and how to analyze your audience.

Communication & Presentation Skills Training for Individuals

We provide a two-day, small-group personal coaching workshop every month in Toronto. Learn more about our Two-Day Commanding Presence Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills Workshop

Upcoming Toronto Dates are:

June 24-25,
July 29-30,
Aug 26-27,  and
Sept 17-18

Communication & Presentation Skills Training for Groups

For organizations looking to train large or small groups of lawyers and support staff, we provide customized communication and presentation skills training in the following formats: 2-hour, half-day, one-day and two-day. Learn more about our In-House Commanding Presence Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills Training

Registration Fee

Regular Fee: $2,100 + HST

TLOMA Member Discounted Price: $1680 + HST.

Registration Instructions

TLOMA members receive 20% off pricing for in-house Commanding Presence training.

Register now for 20% off.

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