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Date: Thu. Apr 12, 2012
Time: 12:00 AM

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The Toronto Board of Trade
1 First Canadian Place
100 King St. West
Toronto, ON M5X 1C1

(416) 366-6811

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The Toronto Board of Trade

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The Winner Within


There is something absolutely incredible inside of all of us. More! More than we have imagined and perhaps more than we have reviously dreamed. After working for the past 20 years to develop this groundbreaking seminar, Randy is proud to present, The Winner Within. This lecture deals with the individual as a whole and does not seek out to simply improve one skill or discipline. It has been proven through extensive research that the most effective and sustainable model of success comes from personal fulfillment in all areas of life. Many employers today are realizing the value of assisting their employees with growth with balance. Statistics clearly show that the most effective way to drive the bottom line is to create an environment where people matter. While the focus of this seminar is on individual growth, employers become the benefactor through increased productivity, loyalty and positive creative energy.

Topics Included are:

  • Career connections-everyone matters
  • Understanding self-limiting behavior
  • The science behind success. The biological link to self-limiting behavior and the process
  • to change it
  • Life balance-key to fulfillment
  • Connecting purpose to passion
  • Self-directed discipline and the drive to win
  • The 3 elements of The Perpetual Motion of Success

Our Speaker, Randy Taylor is one of the bright new lights in the world of personal growth and leadership. His story is truly inspiring. Having come from a tumultuous past of poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets, Randy was able to achieve his own personal goal by reaching the very top in Canadian broadcasting. Most recently as the drive home talk show host of CFRB 1010 and as the host of Summit of Life on Global Television. His level of expertise has won him several national broadcast awards.

Through his own personal experiences and 20 years of study into personal development, he has developed a dynamic new leadership philosophy and written a book of the same name called “Life Before Can’t”. He is president of Taylormadeleadership. Through his seminars, coaching and consulting he is quickly gaining notoriety among some of the top corporations and associations in North America. His client list includes Aim Trimark, Remax Realty, Investors Group, The Government of Canada, Brookfield Homes, Toronto Youth Services, The Canadian Chiropractic Association and many more.

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