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Social Responsibility Policy

Apr 4, 2018

TLOMA offers various networking opportunities throughout the year, including the annual conference. It is important that all TLOMA members who participate in any TLOMA event act professionally, ethically and responsibly, to align with the goals, expectations and mission of the Association.

With events that serve alcoholic beverages, TLOMA has a Drink Ticket Policy to demonstrate the ethical and responsible governance that is expected of its members.  During our events, we expect our members to act in a socially responsible manner and to demonstrate responsible behaviour with respect to the voluntary consumption of alcohol. 

A TLOMA Event where alcohol is served will be a ticketed event with a maximum of two alcohol tickets per person per event. Members are not permitted to bring their own alcohol to any TLOMA event and they must be respectful of the premises in which the TLOMA events are held, including meeting rooms and private accommodations. As a representative of TLOMA, each member's behavior is a reflection of TLOMA.

We ask our members to limit their consumption of alcohol to an amount that will not result in their intoxication.  Please do not drink and drive and arrange for a designated driver if necessary. If TLOMA makes transportation available to you, please use it. 

At the conclusion of any TLOMA event, we remind you that you are on your personal time and encourage you to continue to be socially responsible.

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