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White Oaks Resort & Spa
253 Taylor Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, L0S 1J0

September 26 - September 29, 2018

Business Partner Testimonials

If you would like to contribute comments regarding your relationship with TLOMA, please contact TLOMA.

ImageOn Toronto

As a mid-size business owner at ImageOn Toronto, TLOMA partnership has helped our company enhance the competence and professionalism of our legal management.

Through TLOMA we are able to stay updated with current issues. We at ImageOn have been inspired, learned and are able to engage more effectively through sharing and networking.

Thank you TLOMA.


For three decades Interior Care has built relationships and enjoyed the benefits of being a participating partner and exhibitor of TLOMA since the association’s 1988 Inaugural conference.

The well organized trade show consistently provides, by far, the best interaction and expressed loyalty from our law office clients than any trade show we attend.

On behalf of my partners and the entire Interior Care family we congratulate TLOMA on their 50th Anniversary

Southwest Binding Systems Ltd.

Southwest Bindings has been participating in the TLOMA conference for over 15 years. We value the partnerships we have in the legal community and as a result our relationship with TLOMA enables us the opportunity to meet new people and build on the existing relationships that already exist. The reason we keep on going is simple:  The locations are great and easy to get to, the cost is reasonable and the trade show is informative and fun for attendees and exhibitors.


Triella has been a long term supporter of TLOMA and the TLOMA Conference.  In fact, as a former TLOMA President our Principal, Charles Bennett,  helped to start the annual conference as a core part of TLOMA’s offering so our support of it has been unwavering.   We find value in meeting both old and new TLOMA members and strengthening relationships which develop over time into friendships and business relationships.  We have been both Gold and Silver sponsors over the years and enjoy hearing about the challenges faced by firms which helps us in developing new solutions to meet the problems facing law firms from a technology perspective.

Supporting Business partners

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