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If you would like to book an advertisement to correspond with your article or place an advertisement on the TLOMA website contact  


Theres No Place Like and TLOMA Today support legal professionals in meeting the challenges of managing a law firm through timely articles, tips, events, careers, news and best practices on a wide variety of issues. TLOMA Today is an e-publication that is delivered ten times per year via email to our over 400 members representing more than 200 law firms throughout southern Ontario, as well as to our Business Partners, and is also posted on where members can access articles and view advertising for years to come.


TLOMA.COM and TLOMA Today are the places to connect with the key decision makers at more than 200 law firms. Nowhere else can you reach the key contacts for information technology, marketing, finance, human resources and facilities all in one place. More than just a captive audience, this group of key influencers and decision makers truly want to discover what your business can do for their firm.



Over 450 legal professionals who are key decision makers and leaders in law firms responsible for managing the business – facilities, administration, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, consultants and lawyers with the responsibility of managing their law office without support – as well as over 400 legal product and service providers.



  • Avg. 11,000+ sessions per month
  • 4,600 monthly users
  • 43,000 monthly page views


  • Ten times per year

Editorial Deadlines

Issue Advertising/Editorial Deadline Publication/Distribution Date
December 2017 November 29, 2017 December 12, 2017
January 2018 December 19, 2017 January 9, 2018
February 2018 January 16, 2018 January 30, 2018
March 2018 February 13, 2018 February 27, 2018
April 2018 March 20, 2018 April 4, 2018
May 2018 April 27, 2018 May 1, 2018
June 2018 May 15, 2018 May 29, 2018
September 2018 August 21, 2018 September 5, 2018
October 2018 September 18, 2018 October 2, 2018
November 2018 November 1, 2018 November 14, 2018
December 2018 November 12, 2018 November 27, 2018

Advertising Opportunities


For the company that wants to gain top-of-mind awareness and dominate and the latest issue of TLOMA Today, your best option is “The Golden Ticket” Ad Campaign. With this opportunity you will receive:


  • A large leaderboard ad or a half-page ad on the home page of for one month
  • A premium leaderboard ad at the top of that month’s TLOMA Today email newsletter, delivered to over 800 recipients
  • An exclusive big box ad next to the issue highlights on the TLOMA Today landing page
  • The premium leaderboard ad at the top of the TLOMA Today issue page for that month
  • All ads will link to your website or special offer
TheGoldenTicket Placement


For the company that wants to make a lasting impression, we recommend our “9 to 5” Career + Article Advertising Package. This includes your ad prominently displayed as a leaderboard or half-page ad in the Career portion of, for one month, as well as within an article in TLOMA Today. Your ad will be seen for years to come as members continue to access these articles as resources. Companies can choose to purchase both top and side ads and dominate the page or be placed with another advertiser - all efforts will be made to keep competing advertisers separate. All ads will link to your website or special offer. This package includes:

  • A large leaderboard ad or half-page ad on the frequently visited Career Page for one month, as well as each job opportunity
  • A large, full-page, interruption ad that will appear as engaged readers are navigating through the web and mobile friendly publication
  • And a large leaderboard ad or half-page ad in a TLOMA Today article (always remains with article)
The9to5 Placement


TLOMA proudly presents “The Red Carpet” event sponsorship. With this opportunity you will receive:


  • An exclusive email promoting your event sponsorship that includes a branded leaderboard ad, plus two reminder emails
  • Your logo on the Upcoming Events page, plus a half-page ad on the event registration page
  • A large, full-page ad will also be featured in TLOMA Today to promote the event
  • You will also receive a mention at the event and an opportunity to post signage
  • BP Member Spotlight in TLOMAToday Newsletter
RedCarpetEvent Placement


Ad Rates

Size Pixels per inch 1X 3X 6X

The Golden Ticket.

  • Email - 600 x 100 pixels (issue)
  • TLOMA Today Landing Page - 900 x 150 pixels (one month)
  • TLOMA Home Page and TLOMA Today Issue Page - 900 x 150 (one month)
$450 $350 $250

The 9 to 5

  • Current Opportunities Page - 900 x 150 pixels or 300 x 600 pixels (one month)
  • TLOMA Today Article - 900 x 150 pixels or 300 x 600 pixels (in perpetuity)
$450 $350 $250

Red Carpet Event

  • Email - 600 x 100 pixels (all event notifications)
  • TLOMA Event Page Ads - 300 x 600 pixels, plus your Logo (with event)
  • Your Name and Logo in Event Promo Ads (supplied by TLOMA) - 900 x 900 pixels (with event)
  • BP Member Spotlight in TLOMAToday Newsletter

  • 20% guaranteed position premium
  • Ads must run within 12 months of first insertion to receive frequency discounts
  • Rates do not include HST
  • Rates are subject to change without notice
  • Cancellations of ads will not be granted after Editorial Deadlines
  • Advertisers must pay their balance prior to submission via cheque or credit card


Advertisement Image Type Image Sizes


900px wide by 150px tall

Email Leaderboard

600px wide by 100px tall


160px wide by 600px tall


300px wide by 600px tall


300px wide by 250px tall


900px wide by 900px tall


300px wide by 300px tall

CREATIVE Technical Requirements

  • Please submit all artwork to
  • All ads will link to Advertiser’s website or special offer, please specify exact URL for link
  • Advertisers to supply final creative in GIF and animated GIF, or JPG formats
  • Colour format: RGB
  • Files must not exceed 150k
  • All advertising subject to approval of publisher

Questions? Call 416 410 1979 x2 or email

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