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Dr. Michael Mousseau

National Wellbeing & Engagement Consultant

Gallagher Benefit Services (Canada) Group Inc.

Dr. Mike joined Gallagher Benefits Services (Canada) Group Inc. in 2018. Recently finishing his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Calgary, bringing his unique perspectives into the wellbeing practice here at Gallagher.

As the National Practice Leader for Wellbeing, Dr. Mike partners with Gallagher teams and clients across Canada to design and integrate multidimensional wellbeing initiatives and strategies.  Dr. Mike is an effective communicator with an innate ability to collaborate and find solutions to organizations unique issues. With his PhD in neuroscience and background in research, Dr. Mike is passionate about improving organizations Physical and Emotional Wellbeing by providing a unique science based approach to managing risk. By taking the time to understand organizational culture, goals, and mission, Dr. Mike ensures that wellbeing strategies are thoughtfully aligned to support business objectives.

Mike is a published author who focused his doctoral research on repurposing pharmaceutical drugs and finding effective treatments for patients suffering from chronic pain, opioid addiction and mental health diseases. Mike is excited to synergize his passion for neuroscience with the evolving landscape of organizational wellbeing. 

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Mousseau, PhD, Dr. Mike
T: (403) 648-4374
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