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Event Detail

Plenary Session 4 - HR Roundtable Discussion

Fri, Sep 23, 2022
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Speaker(s): Joanne Burtnik | Athena Dimaras | Katherine Mather

Location: Grand Event Room

It’s now a buyer’s market for human talent, with millions of people quitting their jobs during the pandemic, and many job openings go begging for candidates.

Join a panel of HR managers representing firms of various sizes as they examine connectivity in a hybrid culture. Workplace models have changed and learning how to work in these new models will be the biggest challenge facing HR professionals.  The panel will share thoughts and look at questions like:

  • Employee benefits and perquisites traditionally have been used to attract and retain people but are they even relevant, much less prized?
  • How do you begin to recruit in this environment?
  • Have you re-evaluated your benefits based on in-person vs. working remotely? 
  • Workplace culture has changed, how do you create a culture when people are not in the office?  
  • How to foster employee engagement during a pandemic and in a hybrid setting.
This open panel discussion will also solicit audience participation with questions and comments from the floor.

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